WeatherMin Version History

3/12/2013: WeatherMin 1.2.4

10/18/2012: WeatherMin 1.2.3

Fixed a change in the NOAA API which caused the menu bar icon to display incorrectly.

10/1/2012: WeatherMin 1.2.2

2/13/2012: WeatherMin 1.2.1

WeatherMin 1.2.1 fixes an infrequent bug occurring on the first launch for some customers.

1/23/2012: WeatherMin 1.2

WeatherMin 1.2 is a big update with a new menu bar icon, adjustable theme size, and many more improvements and fixes!

1/5/2012: WeatherMin 1.1.4

Happy New Year! This long overdue release fixes several major bugs, including Lion compatibility and manually entered locations. Keep an eye out for new features and improvements coming soon!

2/17/2011: WeatherMin 1.1.3

WeatherMin 1.1.3 includes several bug fixes and minor improvements.

2/10/2011: WeatherMin 1.1.2

WeatherMin 1.1.2 contains several bug fixes, including improvements for when a Core Location update fails to change the city name.

1/29/2011: WeatherMin 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1 introduces WeatherMin to the Mac App Store! It is otherwise the same as WeatherMin 1.1.

7/1/2010: WeatherMin 1.1

WeatherMin 1.1 is a free update with several new features and bug fixes.

6/10/2010: WeatherMin 1.0

WeatherMin 1.0 release. This release fixes several bugs discovered during the beta period.

6/1/2010: WeatherMin 1.0 Beta 2

Minor bug fixes, improved menu items.

5/25/2010: WeatherMin 1.0 Beta 1

The first WeatherMin beta release!

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