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Widget Manager

Widget Manager is the original, free preference pane that lets you manage Widgets under Mac OSX 10.4. With Widget Manager you can inspect, remove and disable any Dashboard Widgets, including the default Apple Widgets.

I downloaded your Widget Manager after I installed a tax calculation widget that wasn't for Canada but for France. It worked really slick. I wish all of the apps that I had ran as well with Tiger as yours did!

Tell Mr. Jobs I think he should buy your Widget Manager.

Thanks a bunch! -Christopher

Widget Manager shows all the information you can't easily get through Dashboard, such as the version number and where it's installed. With one click you can easily remove Widgets you no longer want on your system, or just disable them so they no longer appear in Dashboard. Widget Manager has all the attention to detail you've come to expect from great Mac OSX applications, such as drag-and-drop installs. Give it a try!

Widget Manager requires Mac OSX 10.4 or later.